Middle of June, me and Andrew getting used to the idea that I wasn’t going anywhere, that we made it, we officially moved in together. We were exhausted. I think we are still in the process of digesting the last year, it was very intense, very difficult and very emotional. But a few weeks after the positive visa news we clearly needed a vacation. We never had a honeymoon and we were craving some quality time without any responsibilities, just the two of us. For some reason, all the low-costs went crazy this summer. I couldn’t make it to my friends’ birthdays in Berlin because the tickets were starting with €300 return. An absolute nonsense for I have never paid more than €60 on the route Berlin-Scotland (either Glasgow or Edinburgh). We didn’t expect to go anywhere because even a weekend away even in Scotland would have been a fortune during the school holidays (how about £650 per night?).

Andrew got a week off and we thought of having some us-time in Edinburgh. Sleep long, walk a lot, eat nice, etc. But there was ME involved in this plan, so it couldn’t be so easy. I kept on looking for the tickets to somewhere warm and by the sea. And one night I found!

I was randomly scrolling through RyanAir app, put Edinburgh into departure place, had a look at the options and typed in Porto. I was in Porto in 2012 and I remember that I loved it (more than Lisbon). The whole trip was a bit messy because I went to Portugal with a very wrong person and ever since I had been dreaming to come back to get new fresh impressions. What a surprise it was when I saw that there were tickets for our dates for €150 return for both of us! Andrew was away at a rehearsal (he sings in a band) and I hesitated for about 2.5 seconds before booking the thing.

I would love to serenade RyanAir for the cheap flight, buuut… This trip was the first one when we had to pay for the seats to travel together because even though we had one booking, the system wouldn’t put us next to each other. Ah, c’mon, Ryanair! I clearly remember travelling with my Berlin friends, booking tickets together, getting seats together. Since when has it changed? Not cool.

Our flight to Porto was delayed for about 2-3 hours, which was a bit meh, but we decided to have a nice time and some wine at the airport.

And with the recent news that Ryanair is going to charge extra for hand luggage I have no more words :( A few weeks ago I wrote how great they were with the luggage policy, and now they are changing it again! I was so happy to learn that they were opening a direct flight from Edinburgh to Berlin in October 2018, but now it’s getting back to one huge disappointment of a feeling about this low-cost.

But back to Porto. We went there for 4 nights, we a got a very sweet flat through booking.com and stayed just 10 min walking from the very centre. We were walking all the time everywhere. Luckily, both me and Andrew are quite keen on exploring places on foot. Especially given the fact that we were eating a tremendous amount of Pastel de Nata every day, haha! If you have never tried it, do it! The best pastry in the world to my taste:) They say that the proper ones are to be found in Lisbon, but we did just fine with the Porto natas:)

Porto is stunning and very hilly. The iconic bridge, the restaurants by the river, the tiles which are different on each and every building, the wine, the ocean – everything is there! But we also felt that four days was a right amount of time. We didn’t go into a single museum because we wanted to stay outside as much as possible. So, no tips on that one. But walking around the city is much more fun! You will find some amazing street art on the streets and on the walls of the big buildings, street musicians and performers.

We had just one failed restaurant visit (but it was predictable). During our first day, we decided purposely to have a drink in a clearly touristy place. Getting a bit hungry, we also got some snacks to keep us going until the proper meal. We had to wait for ages, the wine and the food were bad, and the only good thing was the tapas that they put on the table without asking. Of course, they’ll charge for that (but the cheese and olives were really good though). Oh well, we kind of knew what to expect from a place that looked like a tourist trap haha

We did enjoy our Portuegese get-away, but we both had to admit that we wouldn’t move to Porto. Nice for a few days, but I think I’d get bored in a week. What do you think about Porto? Would you move there?

Let me know in the comments section if you have anything to add! Always love to hear from you <3

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