Well, every time before a long trip I’m buying this nice notebook to preserve my memories from the trip. I begin writing it very carefully, day after day, for like … a week? And after I start constantly postponing my writing routine and end up with many cool memories, tips and stories missing. So ok, now that I’ve decided to invest more time into my travel blogging I really will be more accurate with my notes.

But I still do have some tips for those of you who doubt. Well, first of all, if you really want to make a story out of your trip later (no matter what: photography, video, a novel, etc), then you most definitely should have a travel-diary. Because while you are thinking that you will remember all the names, addresses, prices, emotions… trust me, you will NOT. So write all those things down so that when you decide to share your experiences, even in a few years, you will have some material on your hands:) I used to make fun of those people who save all the bills and museum tickets, but now I’m carefully glueing all that stuff into my notebook haha. Not for the sake of memory but for the sake of information, yes yes.

So what’s the perfect format for a notebook [in my opinion]? I do cherish quality paper and nice design as well as a useful paper pocket in the end. Personally I prefer blank pages without any lines. But all visual things are of course very personal. What I do have though is a very good tip for the size and for cover. Bam! I do love big notebooks, at least of the A4 size to have space for your creativity and such, but they are absolutely the worst choice for a trip (especially if you are backpacking). They are too big and way too uncomfortable to write or to draw in when you are on the road. To start with: it will take quite some time to get it out of your backpack or to deal with it with a heavy wind blowing. No-go. The smaller the better (yes, exactly, sometimes the size does matter). The size of your palm is the perfect one: you can have it all the time ready in your back pocket. And another thing – a cover. I prefer hard covers so that you can write wherever not depending on a table or any other flat surface. But I did work with soft covers as well but then make sure you can turn it into half and have quite a solid surface for writing. And the last but not the least: your writing tool. For travelling, backpacking, being in different situations, different countries and different climate conditions, I most definitely recommend a pencil rather than a pen. You will be able to write & draw in any angle and your stories will stay on the paper even if your precious notebook gets wet (a sharpener will be a good idea as well). Wheres with the pen you never know…

So, in summary: go for a palm-size hard cover notebook, perfect with a paper pocket in the back and use a pencil for writing :)

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