How to travel with a cat? Simple. First of all, get yourself an awesome cat, then go on a trip with your amazing cat. Easy peasy. Well, kinda. Here’s what we have learned about travelling with Zeusers.


We were planning a little trip to the Isle of Skye and circumstances dictated us to take our furry ball with us. First the circumstances, then the stubbornness. I started looking for pet-friendly hotels in Skye and was surprised to find quite a few. But after about 10 phone calls I got to know that most of them mean dog-friendly by pet-friendly. I am [obviously] a cat person, but I have nothing against dogs except for the fact that they have become a synonym for a pet. I think all those hotels shall be more clear about it: just write down dog-friendly (bloody catists). I was almost giving up on the idea but then I finally heard a “Yes, sure, we are ok with cats”.


So, if you want to travel to the Isle of Slye with your feline duda, McKinnon House & Lodge is your place to be!

A very typical Scottish hotel, quite old but very cosy. The room was great, Zeus even got his own bed (a proper single bed, aha) and the free breakfast was very generous and tasty! No weird animal smells if that’s what you are thinking. Highly highly recommended this place. It is also very conveniently located right after the Skye bridge.


We honestly have a champion cat: he dealt with 6h driving as if he was doing that every day. He pretty much cuddled into me and was sleeping all the way. He never felt sick, never complained, a real superstar.



We took his kitty-litter with us and even tried to stop a few times in case he needed to use the loo, but he was too stressed to do his business on the road. He kept all in until we got into the hotel. On the second day, he got a bit used to the idea of driving and was ok using the litter tray in the middle of nowhere. You would ask why wouldn’t he simply deal with it on the grass? Oh well, we have a little spoiled Edinburgh city centre cat, he likes his toilet routine his way :)


We obviously took enough food for the trip but you can also find all the cat stuff in any local supermarket. We fed him two times a day (as usual) and gave him a few more extra treats for being so brave.


Well… We have been taking him out pretty much from the moment we got him. His walks usually mean “I’ll sit in your jacket snuggled into a puritto and you may carry me around, human”. But Outside in nature he showed a little more interest in investigating stuff, sniffed and ate some dry grass, drank a bit from the stream and generally was enjoying the fresh air. We will definitely take him out more!

The weather wasn’t very pleasant and we didn’t even attempt to hike, I’m not sure how he would keep up with that but we might try that in summer!

I think that’s it. Honestly, the most important part of travelling with a cat is having a chilled cat. The rest is fixable.

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Love, Liza.

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