Let this post be a reminder to myself that when I do something with passion there is nothing that can stop me. For how many years have I been travelling? Over seven. Travelling and moving abroad and travelling while living abroad. Has it always been smooth and easy? Gosh no!

First I wasn’t even sure if I’d have enough material for this article but then my fuck-ups started appearing in my memory so fast that I had to start writing them down before I forget again. Hey-ho, let’s go!

  • booking a hotel for a week to realise that I want to go explore other places and I don’t want to stay here any more (but getting a full refund and a handmade map for the future adventures from the owner)
  • arriving at the hotel late at night to discover that it’s been closed at this time of the year yet the booking was done successfully (but finding a much better guest house right at the beach!)
  • arriving at the airport to discover that the airline simply stopped working at this city and you must have missed the email about it and have to buy a very expensive new flight to make it to the next flight (but making it)
  • realising that the local cash-machines wouldn’t take your card, you are having $100 cash and two more weeks to go travelling (and here comes Western union and self-transfer: be creative)
  • arriving somewhere you realise you don’t want to spend a single day at (and quickly booking a new destination or embracing the inconvenience and finding nice places to travel to and coming back just for sleeping)
  • being robbed on the train (be careful in Hungary! Better don’t travel alone and NEVER show any valuables at the border – I was stupid to read a book form the iPad during the passport control. No iPad, no money. Police version: they spray something into compartments to make you fall asleep and rob you)
  • having really bad luck with the weather (oh well, just embrace the circumstances and make the best out of your trip: what a great opportunity to check all the local bars)
  • arriving at the destination when ALL the local restaurants/coffee places/shops are closed and you are starving (don’t travel anywhere at Christmas time, in Britain even the trains won’t be running. And be careful about travelling in France and Spain: they like their food routine to be at certain times. Better have some snacks on you just in case)
  • getting stopped by corrupted Police on the other side of the world and being threatened with court & jail (hide your money to the inner pockets, NEVER show that you have more than $5. Tell a sad story, start crying – they’ll give you a hug and let go, tested)
  • almost missing the flight because of the traffic (trains are safer in big cities)
  • getting really bad hotel rooms (oh well, at least write them a review to save future travellers from your mistakes)
  • booking a flight with a 17h connection at the airport and being denied a transit visa (read carefully how long is the connection and bring WARM clothes with you if you have to stay at the airport overnight: airports are freezing cold at night!)
  • having a wrong coat and freezing all trip (good excuse for some shopping hehe but when in Northern/Western Europe, remember LAYERS: they will help from any cold)
  • forgetting the keys from home and making it tricky to get in when back (it somehow always worked out after some waiting for someone else to arrive. It’s also a good idea to give your friend a copy of the key)
  • booking too many tickets for the same dates and messing up everything (write shit down and double check, what can I say)
  • getting really bad food poisoning (it is always smart to have your medicine on you because in some countries it can be tricky to get some)
  • waiting for the intercity bus at the wrong stop and watching it leaving (eventually stopping it at the traffic light running to it with the suitcases and convincing the driver to open the door, keep on smiling!)
  • almost drowning when attempting to surf (obviously I didn’t but I haven’t tried it ever again and unfortunately developed a severe fear of water. But now I think I’m ready to give it a try)
  • ….

I think that’s enough for now. What I’m trying to say: shit happens. You can not for-see everything. But staying positive and not losing your temper can solve anything. After all, the experience is the only way to learn. I like to think about it in this way. And same formula can be applied to anything. Never give up <3

xx, love, Liza

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