Let’s talk about Edinburgh. I love it, period. It was when I first arrived here in April 2017, I found myself on the North bridge with a jaw deep down and saying loudly ‘I could live here’. It was that one spot from which you could see the old town, the castle, the mountain and the sea.

To me, Edinburgh is the prettiest city I have ever been to. But I have heard a lot of (mostly from people from Glasgow) meh-comments about Edi cause it’s too touristy and too crowded. Now, a question for you, my dear Glaswegian friends: where in Edinburgh have you been? Certainly, if you get off the Waverley station get out either to the Princess street or head straight away to the Old town you will be surrounded by the crowds of tourist. Ta-aaa, of course, you see tourists everywhere when you are in the most touristy part of the town! I usually make big eyes hearing this because I hardly have any interactions with tourists in my day-to-day life (except for work, but it’s different).

Edinburgh is quite small but it is bigger than the Old town. And I love walking up and down the Royal mile but I am there maximum a few days a week. Most of the time I interact with the locals and the streets all around our house are quiet. No, we don’t live in the suburbs, on the contrary: we live in the heart of the New town and it takes us about 15 min walking to the busy Princess street. Edinburgh for tourists and Edinburgh for a living are two different things.

The Princess street is pretty much dividing Old and New Town, but the New town is not that new: it was new a few centuries ago so it still has beautiful architecture and high ceilings with the huge windows and chimneys on every rooftop. It is believed to be a bit posh and snobby but to me, it is a perfect mixture of central, quiet and beautiful. If you are visiting Edinburgh and want to experience a little bit more of local life, head down to the New Town. Explore the Stockbridge area with the endless cosy coffee places and wine bars, walk along the rounded crescents and take a picture of every coloured door you see. On Saturday get some delicious dumplings on the pop-up market. Get up the Inverleith park to enjoy a different view of the cityscape. Enjoy the Botanical gardens during the sunny weather and get inside the Glasshouse to experience tropics when it’s raining.

Edinburgh’s beauty is not just within the Old town:)

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