I guess, ‘story of success’ for many people (myself included) associates with money making. I had read quite a few books about various tactics for goal setting and achieving, those success stories, recipes on how to become a successful business owner etc. Well, I did try to apply many of those ideas on myself. All those books say pretty much the same thing in different words: wake up early, make up your bed (as not important as it may seem it is actually very important), exercise, meditate, change your diet, stop smoking, don’t overdo alcohol, get nice sleep, take walks, read books. Agreed on each and every one. I have started noticing really big changes after applying just a few of those. My body was slowly getting into a better shape. My self-esteem was also getting on a new better level. But something was still terribly wrong. My mental health was in a horrible state. I am sure that all those pieces of advice from the book will work perfectly on a mentally stable and happy person, they will just boost the existing good energy and will help with self-organizing. But I was not that person. I did not know it back then but I was still suffering from the dark depression that hit me a few years before that. I had also developed a bad fear of flying (even though I was a very frequent flyer since 2011 and never had any issues with the planes even during the worst turbulence).

I started suspecting that something was going horribly wrong when I cancelled my trip to London (and lost the tickets) because I was horrified by an idea of flying. It was wrong, for my biggest passion in life is travelling and I had to do something with that new phobia if I wanted to live life to the fullest. I shouted out on Facebook asking if somebody knew a therapist dealing with fears. To my big surprise, Croatian lady Suzana whom I met during the art-therapy course in Barcelona contacted me and offered her help. Turned out she was doing Theta Healing. I had no clue what it was, I was very surprised we could work via Skype, and in the absence of other options I signed up for the first session. Theta Healing is working with the subconscious mind. How – this is still pure magic to me, but tell you what: it bloody works! We started working on my fear of airplanes and ended up with something completely different. I felt like an onion being opened bit by bit. That was when I realised in what a horrible state my mental health was. I decided to invest time and money in the most important health aspect that we keep on forgetting about: in my inner peace.

The next might sound like a fiction story, but trust me, life is much more unpredictable than any book. A week after the first session I had another one. Then another one. Three weeks after I was flying to Scotland with almost no fears and a very good inner feeling. I deleted Facebook and Tinder from my phone, I decided to enjoy real life experiences. I was not looking for anything, I wanted to see Edinburgh, recharge my batteries and have a wee break from the thesis I was writing back then.

On the first night in Edinburgh, I met a guy in a bar. In two days we had our first date, in five we realised we were meant to be. In 9 months we got married. And this after me spending most of my 20s being single and very much unhappy. In 10 months after our first date, I moved in with my husband. Isn’t it a success story? Looking back at the past year I still can hardly believe it.  A year ago I didn’t even think of me moving to Scotland, now I’m sharing the knowledge of how to do so laying from my home office in Edinburgh!

What can I say? Sleep well, wake up early, exercise, meditate, travel, read books, eat healthily, stop smoking, make your bed in the morning and take care of your mind. There’s no shame in taking help from a professional. Sometimes we can’t fix us ourselves. Invest in your mental health, the rest will sort it out itself. I have checked, it works :)

I am happy to share Suzana’s contact with you!  She did help me and many of my friends. I don’t hesitate to schedule a new session when I realise that something is not right. This is the person I truly trust and couldn’t recommend her more. Get in touch with her directly! You won’t regret, I promise! Look at me, I’m the perfect example that it works :) If you happen to be in Zagreb, I massively recommend to pay her a visit in person: she has a very sweet studio in her house and the face-to-face session is always a great choice! By the way, Suzana is a painter and you might get some nice colourful picture for your wall. Just look at this beautiful studio!


Why is making a bed in the morning so important? Because with this simple ritual your mind easily switches from sleeping mode to working mode. That’s your official start of the day. Plus, if you are having a bad day and feel like nothing has been done, at least you have accomplished one thing! And c’mon, it also looks and feels much better when the bed is done.

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