Today I want to show you my new business cards. It’s not your usual type of a card, it’s different. I know, I know, quite a bold thing to say, but trust me: you haven’t seen anything like this before.


I came up with an idea of an experimental magazine back in January this year. I put together a few works of mine (all black and white) and designed a mini-magazine. I thought it would be nice to put together my experimental works (photography & design & writing) into one medium. It could also work nicely as a portfolio piece in future. So I printed it out, put the pages together, and showed it to my friends on the hen-party. One of them said that she liked the idea and the images, everything looked nice but she didn’t like the shape of it: a classic magazine form looked too boring for that type of the content. I promised to think about it and kind of left the idea for a while, had no time or energy for it.

And then in April, I remembered about the idea. I printed out all the pages separately on A4 and started putting them together for a big format, to make the magazine open like a map. A few days of work and I was happy with the layout. I also found a great way to fold it and all the visuals were working great together. On a bigger scale, we also found a few mistakes, the idea was getting into shape, I was very excited to print it out. But, A1-A0 double-sided prints are almost impossible to get done. We had the same problem once at university, almost no-one is doing such kind of jobs. And if they are, it costs way too much (£50-60 per one copy!). I was losing hope and at the same time I couldn’t believe it was so hard to find a cheap printing option: look at the folded maps! They are huge and double side printed, so it is doable, but where? (let me know if you know, please!)

And again, my big idea had to take a break. I got mega busy with the sewing project, visa trip, etc. and I knew I would get back to it later in summer. But during one dinner at home we were talking about it with Andrew and suddenly it hit me: I did not need that big format and a magazine, I could do business cards with the same material and give them away to the right people. Boom!


I used my huge format magazine as a starting point, re-designed a bit and re-scaled my pages (from a0 to a4 huh!). Some bits of the text looked too tiny, some images were not looking good at all, some darlings were killed to bring the work together.

Next step: I did not want it all black and white anymore, I wanted to add some colour. To keep up with the experimag idea, I decided to print the most delicate parts of the work with the printers (the most simple double-sided black and white prints) and to add the rest of the design with the screen printing in colour. It sounds flawless but, trust me, it took another month to print a few samples, make a few changes, reprint things again, prepare the screens, etc. I had some issues with the screens: some bits of the text were too tiny and would just wash out with the emulsion.  Technical details doesn’t matter but it took me two full days in the studio just to make a perfect screen.

And then the fun began at home: first I printed the cover side in blue and the inner side in red. The cards have this propaganda-poster feel to them and are very pleasant to touch. They are unfolding in an easy logical way, and folding back same easy.


Why would someone spend so much time and effort for just a business card? Well first of all, welcome to my world: I love hard work and I’m not afraid of spending time on it. And secondly, it allowed me to present all of my skills and love to experimental photography and design in one little semi-analogue piece. And, the most important, it was FUN and I loved working on it.

This is the first edition of experimental business cards, there are only 100 of them and each is numbered. I will be happy to send you one if you are interested to work with me. Please use the contact form to get in touch!

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