Here’s the second part of my suitcase review. As I said before, I have a few of them because they all serve a different purpose. Last week I wrote about three cases including my current favourite one, this time three more.

Large grey EASTPAK

I got it before my trip to Finland which was a combination of the city and the deep deep woods. I could have just taken a backpack but I had too much equipment and I wouldn’t be able to lift it. I still had the green case but because of its funny shape it wouldn’t properly fit the stuff and, again, it was heavy. So the last minute purchase was this beauty. Why is it good? It’s made from light fabric and consists of two separate compartments: you can zip your stuff up in each of them and even put something in between when closing the suitcase. There are two rather big wheels which make it easy to pull it even on the very bad roads. But capacity-wise not so much bigger than the red one and I would still take the smaller one if I had a choice. 

Samsonite family

Those are two plastic brothers from Samsonite. And both of them have FOUR wee wheels. Why do I keep on pointing on the wheels? Because they are very important for a suitcase. As I said a few times before, the two big wheels are great for pulling your suitcase on pretty much any kind of surface. Whereas the four wheels make it so easy to let the suitcase follow you right by your side. Which is fantastic on smooth flat surfaces, you hardly feel its weight! But it becomes really complicated when you have to carry it on the brick-like road. What else? These two are very light! The handle is very nice and smooth to open-close. Both have the password locks. Lightweight plastic is great when you travel in winter or when it’s raining: your stuff will stay dry and safe!

Having two of them is handy: the big one goes to the hold and the smaller on board. And my favourite part of them: you can sit on them or even slide on top of them for a small ride haha

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