I have a few suitcases. I have a few suitcases of different sizes, different wheels and different material. At the moment I have just four, I had more. Yeah I know, a little bit too much. But the reason for having so many is because I was looking for the perfect one. The truth is: there’s no such thing as a perfect suitcase. Wanna learn why? Keep on reading!

Huge orange monster

It was my first big suitcase. Back in the day when I thought that I needed a lot of stuff to travel. Nobody is perfect, we all start somewhere, right? I have no idea about the brand, I got it second hand. Guess it could be great if you travel with a family (of four), but it is simply enormous and if you are going to fill it with stuff for the big family I doubt you’d be able to lift it. I travelled with it to Montenegro and felt like a total idiot: it was mostly empty but looked HUGE and was not fun to carry around. So I got rid of it.

Medium plastic Samsonite

This one is also a long time gone. Medium size, plastic case to protect your stuff, safe code, two big wheels. Why is it no longer with me? It is heavy. When you have strict luggage limitations it really makes the difference. It is bulky and actually not as practical: it has a funny shape and size and it was always either too big or too small. Good thing: those big wheels are brilliant for the bad roads! But I think there are better ones.

Little red cabin size EASTPAK

My most favourite suitcase in the world. Out of many others I had and tried, this is my number one choice. I got it in 2013 at the Brussels airport. When I first saw it I fell in love with it and then in a few months I was passing by again and I got it! Ever since we’ve been on the good terms! It starts getting older slowly, but still works for me. It has perfect cabin size, but because its made of textile it is easy to fill it up (it would easily take as much stuff as the previous one from Samsonite). It is quite light, has two wheels which are great for bumpy roads. But because of the textile cover and just two wheels, when it stands it might get dirty even though there is a little plastic supporter. The bottom bit is getting quite manky and is slowly getting new holes on it. I hope it stays alive for a few more years! Really love it!

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