Our trip to Porto was quite spontaneous and I found myself completely unprepared in terms of my destination inspired outfits. But I’m a deadline kind of person: give me a crazy deadline and I’ll meet it (remember Croatian dresses?). This time the task was relatively easy: I had two weeks to come up with an idea, order fabric, and make things happen. My clothes making process is very much ‘think as it goes’. I guess I’ll come to a more organised process in time, but for now, it’s very much a creative playground for me. Try this, try that, cut here, add there, adjust a bit under and let’s see if it works:) I’m learning a lot with every piece but not following precise rules helps me to stay openminded. 

So, sitting on the couch with Andy, talking about inspirations, I said that I wanted to go for a red silky satin dress. Portugal and Porto, in particular, both associated in my head with red. Passion, red wine, roofs, buildings, graffiti. I decided to go for deep red. I ordered an enormous amount of fabric (about 7 metres) having something very floaty in my mind. When the package arrived and had a look at the material, I kind of started cutting right away. I thought of sleeves and something long, but on the way, I was cutting more and more, slowly shaping a dress into something with an open back and shorter than I thought in the beginning. Satin types of fabric like this were the ones that my sewing mother would always try to avoid. Now I understood why: the material is so slidey that it is indeed a test for one’s patience!

When the dress was taking shape, with many try-ons and adjustments on the dummy, I also decided to add a floaty element. I cut about 10 strips and added them to the front of the dress. They worked exactly how I planned them to: standing on the bridge in Porto they were flying into all directions.

But since I didn’t make a long dress, I had a lot of fabric still left and some time on my hands. So I made trousers. I kept the sides opened to keep them floaty and summery. Turned out to be a great solution for the heat!

And to match my handsome hubby a bit (there was no way he would wear anything so shiny) I made him a cravat and a rose to attach to his shirt. I can say we look good in red :)

I got a few questions about the colourful skirt I posted on Instagram: that brilliant piece of clothing I borrowed from my mother. She got it many years ago in a second-hand shop in Ukraine! It’s a very impressive patchwork which still puzzles my mind as I think I wouldn’t ever have that much patience! 

Of course, I still had that satin left which was brilliant and I used it for lining in one of my last pieces. More to come soon, stay tuned!

Do you agree with a colour choice for Portugal? What would you pick?

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xx, love, Liza

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