Once upon a time, I was bored… True story, sometimes productivity comes from boredom. I don’t even remember how the whole thing started. The first thing I drew was a few animal patterns. One morning I just opened Photoshop and started drawing geometrical pandas. Then penguins and owls and giraffes. I found the process very exciting and sort of meditative. I even posted a few of them on Behance.

Later I was playing with my iPad, looking for new programs & apps and started drawing random patterns. Then I drew a bunch of food patterns. Food, booze, deserts – random everything about food. I put them together into a FOOD PORN book and printed a few copies. I had no idea what to do with them until a friend of Andrew saw it and said he would lite to have something like that for his kitchen.

And the penny dropped: I started wondering how could I get those patterns printed on fabric. And surprisingly I came across a bunch of businesses doing just that: printing your designs on the fabric. Booom!

I placed my order and got my precious patterns printed on plain cotton. It was like magic: seeing my work on a different unexpected medium was so exciting! But the printing costs for what it was were too high. The quality was alright but nothing wow.

I had those colourful bits of cotton resting in a box for quite a while because I simply had no time for them. But then (suddenly) Andrew’s mother’s birthday was coming and I started thinking about the present. I was slowly getting out of my moving to Edinburgh coma and was getting ready to be productive again. One week before the birthday I remembered that I could make things. I got out my sewing machine and started thinking about the present. I knew it would be something for the kitchen, but I wasn’t sure what exactly.

I didn’t have any stuffing sintepon for the oven mitts, but then one of the old kids’ old jacket came in handy: I ripped it into pieces and got myself the base for the glove.

Pretty much everything went wrong because I kind of lost the habit of making things, but I found the way to make it look good and be functional.

Hand making such things is a no-go because it takes too much time and effort, I can’t put my price tag on it, it will look astronomical! But I’m looking at the platforms where I could sell the patterns and people can buy them for the products. Any suggestions?

But in future, I want to create patterns that I will be printing myself with a screen-printing technique.

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