You know, I am never afraid to admit that I did something wrong, that something didn’t work, that I made a mistake. I think it’s a very healthy habit. I have zero intentions in pretending to be perfect or creating perfect work right away. Writing comes easy (most of the times) because I have been doing this since 2006 (in fact, even longer). Photography – same story. Practice is a step to experience, mistakes are a necessary attribute of mastering whatever process you are working on. 

As I confessed last Saturday, I’m making clothes. I am creating outfits for my trips inspired by the destination (or the idea of the destination) I’m going to. Hence the colour, the fabric, the design choice. For Croatian trip, I was focused mainly on colours and the feeling I wanted to get from a photograph in a certain outfit. As I mentioned before, I had three weeks and too many ideas. I ordered very reasonably priced fabric from eBay and was vzhum-vzhuming every day in April. Even though I have been kind of sewing all my life, this case was different and I wasn’t ready for such a speed and I had forgotten many things I knew, so, pretty much I was learning to ride that bicycle again.

What exactly went wrong? Here’s the full list (the majority of things I discovered later while shooting).

  • Material choice: wrong.

See, before this spontaneous designing and sewing marathon I had quite long of a break and I intentionally went for cheaper (ok, lets be honest here: the cheapest) fabric out there in case I mess up. It was poly cotton, something in between £1.50-2.00 per metre. And I was ordering a few dozens of metres, so yes, cheap was the key factor. But as you might have guessed, POLYcotton is not the best choice for summer! In fact it’s a very bad choice. The skirts and the pants were alright, but that orange dress was a personal sauna. Especially when I was running and jumping for the pictures. I also made a few head-scarfs from the left-overs but they were also impossible to wear.

  • Colour choices: some were wrong

I deeply love the grass green colour. I have a backpack of the same colour I bought in Bali 5 years ago and I LOVE it. I have some jewellery, socks, notebooks in this colour and I love it all, but as a dress colour, it’s a no-go for my skin. It made me look a greenish-blueish shade of pale… Unfortunately, I discovered it only on the spot. Oh well, good to know! Same happened when I tried to combine a beige skirt and an ivory top… Nna-ah, not for me.

  • Design choices: ha ha ha

Oh dear… Where do I start? :)

Orange dress. The fabric was a bit of see-through so I thought it’d be smart to make an extra-under-short-dress kind of thing. Little did I know that it would make the entire dress very heavy, taking tons of space and moreover that this under-dress would jump up and make me feel: a. uncomfortable, b. embarrassed, c. sweaty hot. But the floaty plan of it did work though :)

Blue trousers: I aimed for extra-flappy-floaty. But in cutting the template I added too much of extra everywhere and when I was jumping they made my butt look like those inflatable dancing men at the gas stations… hahaha

The check orange dress came out way too floaty for its length and required wearing shorts under it.

In general, all the designs were a bit too simple and the colours too plain. I can say this now because some of the new stuff I’m working on is a completely different level of materials and quality. Most of the Croatian outfits I couldn’t really wear and I would have to take them with me for a shoot. This would mean I had to change in public and carry extra clothes. Not very smart. Now I’m making things I actually can wear (and I will wear in the future in daily life). I can’t wait to share the new pictures and stories with you!

The Croatian outfits though will find their second breath in something new. Right now my plan is to make great tote bags and cosmetic bags with unique prints on them. I guess I’ll set up a shop over here within the few months:)

But getting those cheap fabrics and trying things on was a great move. If I started back then with the materials I’m working with now, I’d screw up big time! The sewing and designing skills are getting better, the feeling of fabric and how it should work is becoming much more intuitive, and the little self-slavery keeps on rocking :) In a few weeks I’ll share what I did for our trip to Portugal and later in September be ready to start exploring Britain with me!

Thank you for reading! Have a great weekend!

xx, love, Liza

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    I love your work

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      Thank you! <3

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