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Today I have an ode to low-cost airlines for you. Oh well, an ode and something odd.

Low-cost airlines helped our relationship to stay real. Fact. A little reminder if you’ve just joined: when we met with Andrew, I was living in Berlin and him in Edinburgh. On average, we (well, mostly me because I was not time limited that much) were flying to see each other every two weeks. Not too bad at all. We were on the FaceTime or WhatsApp video calls for hours (true story) every day, but it’s not the same as being actually next to each other. European low costs came in quite handy. Mostly Ryanair, of course, and mostly on the route from Berlin to Glasgow. For some reason, these flights were always waaaay cheaper than the flights to Edinburgh. I’m talking five times cheaper. On my average “ok Liza, let’s check the flights for the next few weeks’ situations I would find return ones Berlin-Glasgow for €25-35. Whereas EasyJet directly to Edi would have cost €150.

The distance between Glasgow and Edinburgh is just a one-hour bus drive or a 40min train. The entire journey from Glasgow airport to the bus station and then to Edinburgh is about £22 return now (a bit more with a train).

By the way, a tip:

always buy return tickets in Scotland! They will be much cheaper. It could be £7 one way and £9 return. Makes sense huh?

So I would just mentally add extra costs for the trip from Glasgow to Edi and see if Ryanair made sense. Most of the times it did.

I guess many of you guys must know the downsides of low-costs:

  • very restricted hand luggage (and in this case, I prefer Ryanair who are not so bananas and allow 2 pieces on board, but I have once managed to smuggle three. Watch out though: since January 2018 if you don’t buy priority ticket you are obliged to put your bigger bag in the hold before boarding; it’s free of charge but you will have to wait for your luggage after the flight);
  • extra fee for the big hold luggage; 
  • you have to pay for pretty much everything on board; 
  • now you also have to pay to be seated together (and it wasn’t always so and is very disappointing);
  • for non-EU passport holders there’s extra free activity of checking your visa (even when you are flying within EU, even if you had just passed the authorised police control);
  • very possible delays;
  • really not a nice one: treating passengers as sheep, forcing them to stay in a rather tiny glass box before boarding with no toilets and not enough seats.

But you [should] know this when you choose to fly with a low-coster. €25 for a return plane ticket is seriously a joke. It’s cheaper than a taxi ride to the airport! So, I decided to play the game and focus on the positive and most important: they can get me to Scotland and I don’t have to pay a fortune. Plus, on many routes low-costs have a monopoly. Even if you want to fly to the mentioned Edinburgh from Berlin you won’t get a direct flight in a business class (I was curious, I checked). And most of the time you can buy tickets just a week in advance for a really reasonable price. And you can lose your tickets without biting yourself: the number of flights I missed because I wanted to stay longer, or I didn’t want to fly in a very windy weather, or I just decided to combine two trips and save myself time… I could do it because the tickets were that cheap. SO yes, thank you, Ryanair for keeping our relationship alive:)

I am and will be writing a lot about travel on a budget because it is totally doable and fun. We all come from different backgrounds and different financial situations, but when you know how (and, more importantly, you WANT TO) you’ll find the way to see the world. But it’s a topic for another time.

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xx, Liza

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