Before my move to Scotland (pretty much right after getting married) me and Andrew were in a distance relationship for about 9 months. I don’t think I need to go deep into explaining the meaning of the distance love: it sucks. We were on the phone/video calls absolutely every day since we’ve met. Sometimes spending hours talking to each other. A video call with Andrew became a part of my daily routine same as brushing the teeth, eating and sleeping. We were meeting quite often: out of 300 days, we spent about 100 together. We were lucky to be separated by a short 2hr flight from Edinburgh to Berlin. But still, I am happy that time is over:) although that time was of great inspiration to me. The times that we met were full of cute cosy moments and we took a ton of pictures. When the time was coming close to our one year anniversary I came up with the following project.

I wanted to make a book of those sweet moments but not a simple collection of photographs, I wanted something else. So I took my iPad and started drawing us from the pictures. Just black and white comic book idea. The idea of the moment rather than a precise picture.

Then instead of simply printing it, I decided to screen print a little Leporello book (gosh, I LOVE leporellos!). I prepared the screens, got the beautiful paper and printed my images. I combined simple colours for the image and the little writing on top of it. The cover was made out of three layers of paint and is very colourful. Then I cut the paper for the book, put it together and the present was ready. It sounds like an easy job, but the whole thing from drawing to printing to putting it together took me about a month.

The book is very much imperfect, many prints have some defects but this is my favourite part of screen printing: it doesn’t matter! Imperfect still looks cool because it’s analogue. And what is so great about a Leporello? It is easy to open and look through as if it was a regular book, but it’s also double-sided and if you want to look at all the images on one side at the same time you can simply open it! I think it is also a great shape for portfolios: easy to carry and to open yet very dynamic and can hold a lot of information.

Of course, it was a lot of planning and I made a dummy before printing. Not everything worked exactly like planned but I love my learning while doing progress. What I was missing, in this case, was a beautiful book-binding tape, next time it will look even better! And while printing I came up with one more idea! More about it next week! Stay tuned!

If you would like to order a similar set of minimalistic drawings for yourself (or your business), let me know!

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xx, love, Liza

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