In February we went to one of the smallest Canary islands for a little break and, to be honest, our first ever week away together in the sun. We called it a mini-moon, it’s like a honeymoon, but shorter. In this post, I’ll cover all the details and will hopefully help you to plan your own trip :)


Quite a few budget airlines are flying to the island from the UK. In our case, we got a Ryanair flight from Edinburgh. Two return tickets, priority add-on, and selecting the seats (to be sure we are flying together) cost us £144. Which is insane, considering the distance! About 4,5 hours flight with the stunning views over Spain and we landed in summer!



The most chilled border control I have ever seen in my life. We had to leave the plane the last cause our suitcases were behind us and we had to let everyone go. We were sure we’d had to wait for ages for the passport control, but no: by the time we got out almost everyone has gone already! Just two officers, but everything very quick: I think I was the only non-EU passenger on the plane. British passports were looked at mega fast. When they took mine and looked at my German visa they couldn’t really be bothered reading it, the guy just went “Are you married?”, we nodded and that was it – welcome to Spain :)


We knew right away that we would want to hire a car and explore the entire island. We wanted freedom! Neither of us has ever (!) hired a car before, and I was a bit nervous about finding a good deal. There are a gazillion car-hire agencies at the airport and when I started going through reviews I got very lost: some were very cheap but dodgy, some were over the top expensive, where was the middle ground? I asked Mauricio from Omocado for advice since they were there not too long ago and he recommended Autoreisen company. We pre-booked it online and picked up the keys at the airport. No limits on mileage, two drivers free of charge, clean car, everything was perfect. Car hire with extra insurance for 7 days was €84, refilling the tank – €44. We drove A LOT every day and have been everywhere! All for €18 a day!



Ha, that’s a funny one: parking all over the island is FREE and you can park pretty much anywhere. There are many public parking spots, but most of the time we would just park on the street. If you park during the day, finding a shade might be a great idea!


Local supermarkets are closed on Sundays, but in the bigger resort places, some are opened.


We got a lovely apartment from booking.com in a little town Gran Tarajal. The apartment is just 20 meters (!) from the seaside, quiet and nice, with lots of parking slots all around, two big supermarkets within 5 min walk and quite few restaurants on the beach promenade. There are many big hotels all over the island, mainly in the very south (mostly German tourists) and the very north (mostly Brits), but we wanted some privacy and local experience and the location was simply perfect for exploring the island! Here’s a direct link to book this place!

Next week I’ll tell you about the island itself: where have we been, where we shouldn’t have gone and our top 3 spots! Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for daily updates!

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  • Miriam

    Heeeey, great post! But I have a question. How are the roads there? Safe to drive?

    • Liza

      Hello Miriam! Thanks for your comment!
      The roads are fantastic (well, most of them). I am quite a beginner driver but didn’t have any problems. There are many serpentines though and sharp turns. But the drivers are very very chilled!

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