Fuerteventura is one of the smallest islands of the Canarias. Last week I wrote a post about the essentials: how to hire a car, where to stay, etc. Have a look if you missed it!
Today I am going to tell you how we explored the island, what parts we liked the most, and what we didn’t really like. We were staying in a small town Gran Tarajal to the south from the airport. It was a truly local experience and a great base for exploring: no tourists, friendly locals and the ocean view from the balcony.

Morro Jable

Let’s start with the South and move up North. The South of the island has a stunning long beach at the resort village Morro Jable. The parking here might be tricky but you will alway find a parking spot at the shopping mall right at the entrance to the village. If you are up for a long walk along the beach, just park your car and spend a day enjoying the sun. The hotels are spread all along the coast line facing the ocean. The majority of tourist on this side of the island are older Germans. They create a calm and relaxed vibe and bring their love to FKK to the beach. If you are looking for a very relaxed and quiet place Morro Jable can be a great choice. All the possible supermarkets and shops and cafes are spread along the town.



Ooh, that’s a tricky one. What Cofete has to offer is a massive deserted beach on the Western side of the island. Stunning view, minimum people, zero cafes or toilets (yaiks). BUT. And here’s a big huge massive fat but: there’s no road as such, rather a very long and very dirty gravel path which will take you at least 40 min on a low gear with 1000 sharp turns. If you are not an experienced driver, don’t go. Never ever drive this ‘road’ after the rain. Ideally, you should have a 4×4 car to drive this kind of roads. The was was absolutely not enjoyable. And as stunning as the beach and the view were, the thought of the getting back was terrifying. In my opinion, Morro Jable is much more enjoyable if you are looking for a beautiful beach.

Las Playitas

A cute wee village 10 min drive from Gran Tarajal. Beautiful black sand (that doesn’t stick to your feet, yay!), a great place to chill in a quiet atmosphere. A few restaurants and a beach bar are right by the sea if you fancy a drink or a snack.


One of our most favourite places on the island! Quiet back sand beach, cosy cafes and bars, amazing sunsets! And right next to the beach there is a stunning natural wonder: the beautiful caves! A must must see!

Mirador Las Peñitas

This is view point in the middle of the FV-30 road in the Parque Rural de Betancuria. To my taste – not a very pleasant ride. Serpentine after serpentine after serpentine… But the view is great! And the best part of it is the squirrels. Yep, the local squirrels. They are very cute, very friendly and very hungry! Despite all the signs saying ‘Don’t feed the squirrels’ people keep on doing that. These greedy furry balls will gladly pose for your camera because all of them have a belief that you’ll feed them, hehe. But hey, don’t feed the squirrels, alright?

Antigua, Tefia, La Oliva

Those are the small quiet villages in the middle of the island with beautiful roads and lots of Aloe farms on the way. The island is famous for its aloes and you will find the aloe vera products literally in every corner!

On these inland roads, you will find a few beautiful old churches, windmills and very enjoyable views! Comparing to the main highway FV-2 which takes you from Corralejo via the airport all the way to Morro Jable, the smaller inland roads are less crowded and more chilled.

By the way, if you are a beginner driver, that’s your perfect location for getting some practice!


El Cotillo

Another favourite spot of ours. A quiet seaside town, with many beautiful restaurants. Do yourself a favour and try local baked potatoes and fried prawns! Delicious stuff! El Cotillo has the best view on the crushing waves! I kid you not, we spent an hour just standing there staring the waves! Absolutely gorgeous and meditative! I can’t wait to develop the film and put some of the prints up for sale! The beach on the southern side of the village is very nice and quiet.

A few kilometres up to the south from El Cotillo is another stunning viewpoint with a very beautiful striped lighthouse. You should absolutely stay for the sunset here! And then within 30 min, you’ll see the starry sky! Oh my god… It was a long time since I have seen so many stars!


Here we come, the place we didn’t enjoy at all :( I read about it as the location for the most stunning beaches, but unfortunately, it is a very (very!) touristy town. If the South is mostly German, Corralejo is the British spot. It has everything I hate about tourist resorts: noise, drunk people at 10 a.m., and general meh-vibe. It is also noticeably more expensive and colder than in the south. We went there one time and never came back.

But right next to it is another beautiful natural wonder – the dunes. Beautiful white sand dunes and a total Sahara feeling. A great location for a photo shoot if you are teaching for one.

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