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My name is Liza and I’m doing tonnes of different things (writing, photography, design of various nature, travelling, and much much more). I used to write a travel blog of my own and one as a commission for Conde Nast Traveller Russia about 8 years ago, but, I guess, it was not the right time. And at some point, I just stopped. 

I wanted to get back to writing and sharing my experiences many many times, but again: the timing was not right. But it is NOW. I’m back to my favourite thing in the world and my intentions are beyond serious :)

I was born in Moscow (back in the USSR then), being half-Russian and half-Ukrainian.  In 2013 I graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University with a Master’s degree in Journalism. My last few years in Uni were spent mostly abroad. I fell in love with Western Europe, I was away from home pretty much all the time. So I decided I had to move for good. At the time the easiest way was to get into Uni and I did so. In 2013 I moved to Berlin to study Photography. I loved the city and I, probably, would have stayed there because Germany was welcoming students who got a degree in the country. I could have easily looked for work or even start my own business.

But life happened: I went to Edinburgh for a week during my thesis writing, and for the first time in my life I experienced the so-called Stendhal Syndrome: I was absolutely overwhelmed with the beauty of the city!  I had been to many countries, I fell in love with many places, but Edinburgh made me say loudly for the first time after moving to Berlin ‘I could live here!’

It was just a thought, more like a dream. But the same evening I went to a bar next to the hostel where I stayed and met my future husband. We got married 9 months after, just a year after my first visit to Edinburgh I moved there. During our rather short distance relationship, I have learned a lot. And when it came to the wedding, visa applications, moving, etc. I learned even more. I discovered that, once again, I was dealing with very much not standard situations. There were no answers to my questions online. Google did not know what to do if you are a non-EU getting married to a Brit and are applying for a visa from an EU country where you live on your student visa. Or how to move a flat from Germany to Britain on a reasonable budget. Etc. I was collecting bits and pieces, slowly and carefully, writing them down to create those missing articles. I really know how to deal with not standard situations.

It’s impossible. But doable, – as Sean Connery’s character said in ‘Entrapment’ :)

So, here I am: I’m starting this new blog to share with you my personal experiences on travelling, immigration, art making, and god knows what else :) I have a lot to say and I do hope I will have some very useful information for those who search for it. 

If you want to stay up to date and never miss a new post, follow me on Instagram! I will be posting there every day, adding some information that doesn’t get here, announcing new blog posts and generally being very active with the very unique content!

xx Liza

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  • Lisa

    I am so excited this is happening!! Thank you Liza for being courageous and putting yourself out here sharing your thoughts, your experiences, your art and more of that real stuff with the world. Looking forward to be inspired and to be learning and smiling along with it. Fly on darling xx

    • Liza

      Thank you so much, dear Lisa! <3 I will try my best!

  • Fedya

    Lisa talks to Liza

    • Liza

      And now Fedya talks to Liza :) Everybooooody, yeaaaaah, rock your boooody, yeaaaah, talk to Lizaaaa, yeaaaah! :*

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