Forever student

After getting my MA in Journalism at Moscow State University, I moved to Berlin to study photography. I was that typical ‘forever student’, yes yes :) Altogether 13 years in unis, can you imagine? I thought that photography studies would be different: fun fun fun, shooting shooting shooting. Back then I was dreaming to become a war photographer, luckily for me, a few people found a way to talk me out of it.

A surprise

I have always enjoyed taking portraits and shooting reportages but I was lacking storytelling. I thought that an art school would teach me how to take a perfect portrait but instead, I learned how to tell a story with the imperfect one. One of the biggest surprises for me was the class of experimental photography. When I heard of it I thought it would be boring and not for me, I wanted perfection, not experiments. But this class actually opened photography for me the way I’m still seeing it. One of the most brilliant teachers during the whole study process James Higginson taught me to look at everything from a different point of view, to try, to fail, to try again, to let the process go.

Von Moskau nach Berlin

I was shooting tons of black and white film, I was cutting the negatives, re-arranging parts of them, stitching, sewing, scratching and printing hundreds of photographs in the darkroom. For my final project, I used the topic of my move from Moscow to Berlin: I found two cities very similar and I wanted to show it in my experimental work. At the time I used to travel a lot between Berlin and Moscow for work and it gave me a chance to photograph both. I cut, I overlapped, I double-exposed. My friends who knew both of the cities couldn’t tell the difference, they couldn’t say where was Berlin and where Moscow. I guess that meant that the project was successful:)

And when exhibited, two of the three pictures were stolen. Not cool, but I cool it as a compliment:)

My photographs can be ordered as prints, please get in touch if you are interested in any<3 The shop will be happening next year!

xx, love, Liza

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