It all started last September: I had a horrible experience in a Hostel in London and decided to come back home one day earlier. I had a flight booked but I was fine with losing it: the ticket was just under £10. When I was looking for a new flight, the price suddenly went up, ridiculously up for this kind of a journey. I decided to check the trains, on the off chance they didn’t cost a fortune. And to my great surprise, I found a direct train London-Edinburgh leaving the next morning and with the ticket price lower than the flight. Suddenly I realised that booking a flight was a silly mistake: a train journey made much more sense. Not getting to the airport, not doing the security nonsense, having as much water on me as I wanted and simply arriving in the city centre of Edinburgh. Not mentioning the ecological part of it. Boom, a revelation! 

Since then I knew that all my trips to London in future will be only by train. I wanted to go to London with Andrew somewhere in May but I also wanted to use the last days of my German visa and have a little solo Eurotrip. My plans included Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin – all of them mostly for friends. And then step by step, the idea of a train journey started getting together. I had always dreamed to take a train from London to Paris. Then I knew that TGV from Paris to Amsterdam was a great option, and maybe even a train to Berlin? A quick search on the Train line website and I found all my tickets. I have to say that I was booking my May journey in February, therefore the tickets were really cheap. A pro-tip: try to book all your tickets at once to pay the booking fee just once:)

So, how did I make it from Edinburgh to Berlin by train?

Here’s my route and exact prices as of 20.02.2019 :)

30.05 Edinburgh Waverley – London King’s Cross. Virgin train, TWO tickets one way £53

(we had to collect the tickets from the machine on the station and out of interest checked out what would be the price if we wanted to buy from the machine for the next day: yayks! £160 ONE person ONE way! Book in advance, kids! But also keep in mind and Trainline tends to lower down the prices three months before the journey date, booking anything too early makes no sense either)

4.05 London King’s Cross – Edinburgh Waverley. (a ticket for Andrew) £43.5

4.05 London St Pancras – Paris Gare du Nord. “Eurostar” train. (for me) £67

8.05 Paris Gare du Nord – Amsterdam Central. TGV train £32.19

11.05 Amsterdam Central – Berlin Ostbahnhof. ICE train £36.7

15.05 Berlin – Edinburgh. Ryanair flight (including priority) £20

The entire trip comes to £253.39. If it was just me, it would have been £182.39. Trains seem to be expensive but when you attach a little planning you can have a great journey with a very pleasant budget.

I will write more about the train experiences next time! Stay tuned! And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram <3

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