So, Saturday’s post is a fun post. Since this week has been dedicated to our wedding journey and last week’s Saturday post was about my sewing story, I will tell you about my rock’n’rolly wedding outfit which I partly made myself.

Our wedding was beyond simple. There were just two of us. It was a short registration in the morning and we had a day-long date, as for me – simply perfect! Even though it was going to be so modest, I’m still a girl and I wanted to look beautiful.

Once again: our wedding was on the 9th of February and the outfit choice should have been smart. I wouldn’t freeze to death to look pretty, I’m not that kind of girl. So the choice towards white trousers was made rather quickly. No, no, don’t think that I didn’t try 200 dresses just-in-case… I did, and even thought I’d chosen one. But none of them looked like ME. I looked very pretty in a few but I didn’t recognise that girl in the mirror. On and off, I finally decided to stick to the trousers. (because in February it is really great to have a chance to put on tights underneath for extra warmth).

Shoe choice was relatively easy: I got comfy silver slip-ons (warm and flat, yes, I don’t really do high heels anyway). And I also got ivory wooden socks! IT IS VERY COLD IN DENMARK IN WINTER! 

I also got a nice lacy blouse and an ivory blazer. And here’s where the fun starts.

The blazer was very nice but a bit too simple. I kind of got it with an idea to add something to it, but I didn’t know what. Until I went to one of the Berlin outlets and saw a lacy wedding dress a size bigger for just €15. As a dress it was a total no-go, but as an amount of lace fabric it was stunning! So I got to thinking that I would use that material in one way or another. Coming home I realised that the top of the dress would perfectly cover my ivory blazer. Scissors, pins, go! It took me two days to transform a plain boring blazer into a stunning one-of-a-kind piece of elegant clothing! It looked great then and I still wear it from time to time. That was also my thinking on the back of my head: I didn’t want to spend a fortune for just a dress for just one day, I wanted something I would wear again. Voila! Mission accomplished with pretty much every bit of my wedding outfit :)

In all of these I already looked great but I wanted something else, one more detail to make me look like a bride. By that time a got a loooooong veil from Amazon which I got, again, because of fabric (I wanted to use it for something completely different in future). I cut the tiny part of it to wear at my hen party and the rest of the floaty material was resting in the wardrobe. And then it hit me: I could use that veil to add a half skirt to my trousers! I tried it in front of the mirror and it worked just perfectly! So, next step: sewing that skirt and finding the way to attach it to the pants:) I loved the look and I felt like myself!

Last minute accessories included a white hat (cause I love hats and I thought that a funny white one would look really cool on a bride), and a shawl from mother Russia. I couldn’t be more grateful to my friends for helping me to get the original Orenburg shawl to Berlin just one day before the train to Copenhagen! This is the best body warmer in the world and it kept me warm (and beautiful) during the entire long wedding weekend.

We still might do a proper wedding at some point (who knows, but it would be nice to gather all our families and friends who are so supportive), but it is an idea for some day much later with a big ‘maybe’ attached to it. We’ll see.

But yes, that’s how the outfit was born and that’s how I got myself back on the sewing path. While doing that, I realised how much I missed creating clothes! And this is why when I started planning my May trip to Croatia, I… oh wait, that’s already another story for the next weekend! Stay tuned!

xx, Liza

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