See the lilac blouse in the picture? I really dislike light purple in all its shades and forms, but this blouse is an exception. I remember it since I was a little girl. My aunt and my grandma made it together, then my mum got it, and now I’m borrowing it for this picture and this post. It’s very light, floaty, dreamy and unique. To me, it represents the passion which all the women of my family have been sharing: all things handmade, mostly sewing. The legend says that my great-grandfather was a shoemaker and after that, all his daughters and their daughters have been sewing, knitting, cross-stitching, etc. My grandmother had this very old sewing machine which was transforming into a table at the moments of no use. As a present for my mum for my birthday, she gave her a Veritas machine. As a child, I remember my mother always sewing on the weekends. She would make dresses for my dolls, clothes for me, fix bedding or make a new table cover. Sewing in my family has always been a hobby, nobody was making money out of it because they did not want to spoil the magic of the process.

I started my journey rather early. I wouldn’t remember exactly, but I assume that at the age of seven I was slowly making my first stitches with a sewing machine. At 5-6 I definitely had a portfolio of wee hand-stitched pieces. I simply loved it. I even won a prize in the sewing class at school once, haha. I was making dresses from bits of fabric, cutting old clothing, putting things together thus creating my very own collection of costumes. I had never really done anything with them. I was rocking my dresses at home imagining that they were something special. But unlike my mother, I never really had enough patience for creating perfect pieces of clothing. I wanted it fast! Obviously, quality suffered, so I kind of stopped sewing. I switched to knitting and cross-stitching instead.

Next time I got back to sewing I was in my early twenties and I made myself a bag. Then another one. Then bedding. Then something else. Then a pair of jeans. Then a Halloween costume. And then I stopped again.

I moved to Germany and brought all my stuff with me. By that time my mother was happy to give me the precious Veritas machine. I don’t remember ever using it in Berlin. Maybe a few times, but nothing major.

I got back to sewing not so long ago, but I’m seriously on it :) Next Saturday I will tell you what was the initial trigger to get back to the long forgotten hobby and later you will see what it’s growing into! So far, thank you for reading! This was my first Saturday post. Every Saturday I will be writing about something personal, something fun and inspiring. Stay tuned! If you have any comments or thoughts, please do so in the comment section below :)

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love, Liza

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