Good morning, happy weekend to you all!

Last Saturday I promised to tell you how my sewing hobby was slowly coming back to life after making parts of the wedding outfit. But there was something else that boosted my inspiration a few months after that.

In March I moved to Scotland from Berlin. Well, officially I moved at the end of May, but in March I moved all my stuff and was staying with Andrew on my tourist visa while waiting for my spouse one. And I can say that I do not remember the month of March at all. Nothing. Just a blur. 

The wedding, the visa preparation and application, the organising of the moving and the moving (in 7 days from the first call), the quite sudden goodbye drinks with the friends in Berlin after 4.5 years in the city, the cancelled flights because of the #BeastFromTheEast, the entire Berlin-Copenhagen-Edinburgh-Dusseldorf-Berlin-Edinburgh in just three weeks – it was a bit too much emotionally and physically. I remember that I was sleeping for 12 hours a day for the first two weeks, trying to digest what had happened. I have already received a few requests to write a post about expat life and feelings attached to it, and I will definitely do it later!

So, new country, new city, new home. Suddenly from a single life, I was put into living with a husband and every second week with his kids. I’m not sure I can describe that feeling now, but trust me: that wasn’t easy peasy and straightforward. 

By April my coma was slowly passing away and I was hungry for action. I wanted to do something. I couldn’t work legally and I didn’t want to chance my luck. I got a few ideas for the things I could sew, ordered stunning fabric, got myself a tailors dummy and though I could work on something sweet.

But at the same time, I knew that I would have to leave the country sometime in May because my tourist visa would expire. And I had no idea of when the spouse one would be ready (wait up till three months they say). I had a plan to go to Belgrade to visit my mum who lives there, but since I was having some free time in between the visas and because I was so emotionally drained, I decided that I had to go to the sea first. A few days of search, comparing flights and destinations, thinking about logistics of getting to Belgrade, etc. and I booked a flight to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

I had never been there before, the only image of it I had in my head was of those orange roof-tops of Dubrovnik. I couldn’t wait to take pictures there but I also wanted to create something different, something new, something me. And that is how slowly the idea of destination inspired dresses was born.

I thought of the orange rooftops and I decided to make a matching dress: orange, floaty, inspired by Dubrovnik. I did not want to even start looking for a ready one, I was very clear with myself that I wanted to MAKE a dress from scratch. And I did. I got simple orange fabric and started the sewing. I loaded my old Veritas machine with the treads and started the vzhum-vzhum. I think it was somewhere around the 7th of April. On the way, I started planning my trip to Croatia, looking at the pictures, choosing the route, the cities, the National Parks. And I got even more inspired and got more colours: a few blues for the seaside, beige for the sand, various greens for the forest and nature… I couldn’t stop! In three weeks before the trip, I made nine (!) pieces of outfits for the upcoming trip. My fingers were sore, there were bits of fabric everywhere, I was panicking that I had no time and I finished the last stitching late night before the flight, but I made it.

My hand luggage was HUGE. I never travelled with so many clothes! Good that I flew with Jet2 who have the best hand luggage policy I’ve ever seen on the budget airlines! My month worth supply of outfits and daily clothes (and shoes, and skin care, and a tripod, and cameras, and etc.) fitted in one very fat suitcase and one very much overweight handbag.

So yeah, that’s how the whole thing started and trust me, it’s just the beginning :)

I’ve been thinking for a long time how to name this big project going through the blog, the facebook, the Instagram, combining my writing with the pictures of me in the clothes that I’m making and I still haven’t found the right name (after writing this post I’m considering the vzhum-vzhum hehe).

Why am I doing this? I love layers to the creative process. And I simply ENJOY it. I also want to show you that there are many sides to ‘DO IT YOURSELF’ concept. And I don’t want to support mass-market unfair trade businesses. This whole project is very personal, very intuitive, very important to me. It forces me to jump outside all the possible comfort zones out there. But you know what? Working on each and every bit of it makes me feel very content and happy.

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Good weekend, everyone! I hope you have a fantastic one!

xx, as always, love, Liza

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  • Veronika kö

    They r just awesome!!!!!

    • Liza

      Thank you, dear! <3

  • Lisa

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the floaty material and the colours. You amaze me Liza! ☀️

    • Liza

      Oh thank you so much, my dear! <3

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