I guess this one would be more interesting for girls :) How to pack a cosmetic bag for a trip? Especially if you are travelling with hand luggage only. You might know by now that airports have quite strict regulations about the liquids that you can bring on board. Each little container/bottle can not be bigger than 100 mg and the total maximum of 1l liquids is allowed. All of it had to be packed in a see-through plastic bag (and sometimes they will make you put everything from your zipped plastic bag into their own one, no idea why, I find this very stupid). No sprays.

So, how to pack a cosmetic bag with so many limitations? Here’s my routine.

Usually, I will have two cosmetic bags: one with liquid stuff and one for a toothbrush and such like.

So, bag number one.

  • my homemade coconut cream in a small container (they don’t like bigger jars with unclear capacity). Works as cream and makeup remover if I don’t have one
  • toothpaste (usually a 75mg tube)
  • shampoo in the small bottle (I use natural olive shampoo with added rosemary oil which works perfectly as both shampoo and shower gel. If I stay with family or friends I don’t take it)
  • perfume (ideally a tiny bottle but quite often I’ll just pack the 100ml one)
  • deodorant (roller)
  • a tiny jar with hair styler for curly hair
  • sometimes a small bottle of hair conditioner
  • nail polish
  • nail polish remover (and I always try to hide this one deeper into the cosmetic bag because they tend not to like it)
  • mascara and liquid lipstick
  • sometimes a small bottle of makeup remover

And bag number two:

  • toothbrush
  • dental floss
  • razor
  • cotton pads
  • cotton sticks
  • mirror or powder with the mirror
  • hair brush
  • soap (yes, the old school brick soap :) )
  • nail polish (the shortest one I have at home, got a number of them taken off by security, I think it can’t be longer than 10 cm)
  • medicine
  • sometimes eye shadows and a brush
  • lipstick or lip balm
  • back in single days: condoms. Cause you never know, stay safe!
  • and if ‘those days’ are coming during the trip, I pack a menstrual cup. I could write an entire post about it, really. Ladies, if not yet, highly, highly recommended: switch to the cup! It takes no space when packing and you will never get into an awkward situation with it. I had my suspicions but one day I woke up and realised that I am tired of producing so much waste every month simply by being a woman. I heard of them before but two years ago I got one and my life has changed. I don’t mind periods any more. I forget I’m having them. The cup is very comfortable, you don’t feel it at all and need to change it just two times a day! No leaking, yes swimming. Takes a little bit of time to get used to, but totally worth it!

And that’s it. I try to minimise my stuff as much as possible. Again, that’s my way to pack cosmetic bags for relatively short trips with the hand luggage only on board a plane.

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