When an old Buddy of mine invited me to Cornwall I thought it was a town somewhere in England. Yep, dumb me. Somehow I had never heard of this place before. So, Cornwall is a huge peninsula in the west bottom of England. When Netflix kept on suggesting me to watch the ‘Poldark’ I was very much meh, but then I read a description and yes, guilty, watched it all haha: the story is based in Cornwall. The scenery in the series was absolutely stunning! I could not wait to get there! In my mind, Cornwall was this very green land, with the cliffs and blue water sandy beaches.

You might have read that I’m creating destination inspired outfits for my travels. In the case of Cornwall, it had to be a blue plaid dress, just because. And when I made one from the light floaty chiffon and put in on there I couldn’t believe how right I was with the choice! Cornwall has very low sky, unbelievably fresh air (so fresh that you might feel constantly tired!), and the turquoise-blue ocean waters. But the one thing that stunned me the most was the trees! It was only there that I realised that there are not so many trees in Scotland! There are a few here and there, but Edinburgh is rather grassy. Wheres in Cornwall the trees create the natural tunnels over the roads! And when I sent a picture of the fields even my Scottish husband replied ‘damn, that’s VERY green!’.

I had a blast of staying at the friend’s farmhouse. I don’t think anything can compare to that: waking up in the middle of nowhere, taking hikes along the coastal lines, smelling those farm smells on the way, feeling completely being taken out of time. But farmhouse, of course, means driving: there’s no way I could explore as much as I did without my friend’s family courtesy of driving us around. Jed’s sister took an entire day to show me all the must-sees in Cornwall, I couldn’t be grateful enough! 

So, what to do in Cornwall? Here’s the list of the things that I did (but I know there’s much more to see and I want to come back!)

  • The land’s end. Yes, exactly, every respectful country should have its very own end of the world, right? Unfortunately, we were very unlucky with the [famous English misty] weather and I hardly saw anything :( The views are stunning from over there even through the fog. Very touristy, though, next time I’d go early in the morning.
  • Minack theatre. This is something unbelievable, a magical place! Again, no luck with the weather and worth coming back. This is a theatre built into the cliffside. By one determined woman. Bit by bit Rowena Cade made this place real. Imagine a quite bright night, you take a seat in the amphitheatre decorated with the enormous amount of various plants, the rooftop is the sky, the background is the endless ocean! This must be a very special experience!

  • St Ives. The popular resort village with the stunning sandy beaches and clear blue water! A beautiful little town with the stunning views and really huge beach zone! Local shops with exclusive craft work, cosy cafes and bars with the water view – a perfect place for an afternoon glass of wine! I would love to spend a vacation there! So peaceful and calm, feels like you have jumped in time into another era!
  • Truro. I guess, the ‘big’ city in Cornwall (not really). I stayed there one night, and I don’t know, not very impressed. The old town, the old church, quiet streets, all shops and most of the take-aways closed on Sunday. As for me – pretty boring and I would definitely prefer the coastal side!
  • Penryn. You shall go to Penryn for two reasons: get a tattoo at SANZARU studio and try the local fish&chips. The tattoo studio is the beautiful and cosy place run by my friend Jed. My best tattoo experience ever. Go check their facebook page, give them a text and book your session, it’s totally worth it! And, right next to it is the best FISH&CHIPS place ever! I could easily have that cod-burger three times a day, absolutely yummy!

You can get to Truro by train from London (book in advance and you can get a great deal). The journey is about 4,5 hours with some nice views. Cornwall is totally worth exploring, I am already planning a hiking trip there next summer with a friend of mine!

Have anything to add? Let me know in the comment section!

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