I love reading, period. I have been reading a lot since I remember myself. School program and two times more on the side. Then those insane long lists of literature every semester at university (and nothing on the side, that was impossible). Then art school and different kind of books (professional literature is also so exciting!). And now… It’s been a little bit over a year since I have finished my 13 years of universities and in the breaks in between engagement, wedding, visa application, moving flat, moving to the UK and finishing German paperwork I managed to get back to slow pace reading for pleasure!


I am being hard on myself and I want to read more but excuses happen… There are so many books I want to read again, read again in original (too many were read in translation and it’s a completely different feeling), read new things. Travelling is a great excuse to pack those ones that never were read and get lost in a new story. I have never owned a Kindle, I tried to read from an iPad but nothing can replace a good old book for me. Even if it’s huge and heavy.

Moving from Moscow to Berlin and then to Edinburgh, I chucked many things but my library made it all the way with me: I couldn’t through them away. Any place can be home as soon as there’s a decent bookshelf filled with great stuff.

Anyway, it’s December and a time for all those accomplishments and resolutions, so I’ll put here a few books I read this year and could recommend (hey, the Christmas is just in two weeks, this could be a great present! If you click on the images you’ll get directly to the Amazon).

Christoph Niemann ‘Sunday sketching’

A very inspiring read with the great pictures by the German illustrator. Autobiographical yet fun and exciting. Fantastic book design – goes without saying. A life story told through illustrations and photographs. He also has a great Instagram! Before getting the book I saw this guy in a documentary on Netflix (by the way, also highly recommended, it’s part of the series ‘Abstract: the art of Design’).

Iris Apfel ‘Accidental Icon’

Another great one by the wonderful Geriatric Starlet (as she calls herself) Mrs Apfel. I’m in love with her persona and I can’t agree more with her vision of life, travel and fashion. This woman is pure inspiration. The book is nicely done: a good read and fantastic illustrations and photographs. And again: check out a documentary on Netflix hehe

Jane Austin ‘Pride and Prejudice’

Somehow, I have never read this classic one before. But since I have become a Mrs Lizzy Bennett myself this year I finally got a copy! Took me a while to get through the language but once I did I finished it very fast. It is a little bit old school so to say. By the way, did you know that Mr Darcy’s first name was Fitzwilliam?! I didn’t and I saw mentioned in a book exactly once!

P.G. Wodehouse ‘The Jeeves Omnibus’ Vol 1

A huge heavy one with the three of the famous Jeeves and Wooster stories. Great laugh! I can’t help but hearing Heugh Laurie and Steven Fry talking in my head for the characters:) That series from the 90s was very accurate! If you love a good laugh, get any of Wodehouse’s novels! They are simply brilliant!

Francoise Gilot ‘Life with Picasso’

Autobiography of one of Picasso’s lovers, mother of two of his kids and the closest woman in his life. The only woman who could say ‘No’ to Picasso. She writes about their meeting, art and life with Pablo. Very honest, very surprising. Takes you back in time and makes you want to learn more about all the artists out there! And look at the most beautiful cover shot by my very favourite Robert Capa!

Elena Favilli, Francesca Cavallo ‘Goodnight stories for rebel girls’

Got this one as a birthday present and what a beautiful read with the wonderful illustrations! Simplified success stories of the great women, very inspiring! It is indeed a goodnight book for the girls who are a little bit grown up hehe:) Loved it!

Plan for the next year is to get to all the fiction I haven’t managed to get through these past few years: I keep on buying books but some have been resting on the shelf for a while. The first targets will be Murakami ‘The Norwegian Wood’, George Orwell (a huge edition with pretty much everything), Remarque, Hemingway, ‘American Tragedy’ by Theodore Dreiser and Mr Welsh with the ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘Extasy’. Also, I really want to get through ‘Doctor Zhivago’ (Pasternak) in Russian but I have tried already three times and the plot doesn’t get through me. Maybe next year!

Thank you for reading! I do hope that not everything has been replaced by the videos and there are people who READ <3

I wish you a wonderful day, don’t forget to follow my Instagram for regular photo updates and blog post announcements :)

xx, love, Liza

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