Hello, I’m Liza, welcome to my website:)

I am a multidisciplinary visual artist, art director and writer driven by intuition and sense of style rather than restricted┬árules. I like creating stuff. And writing about it. I’m a world traveller and total ants-in-pants. Originally from Moscow (being half-Ukrainian), I had lived for almost five years in Berlin and in May 2018 I moved to Edinburgh. I have exceptional skills in braking the rules, getting myself into situations which are not googlable and finding creative solutions for the impossible. I wrote more about it on my BLOG.

I’m using lots of analogue techniques and experiments in my work. I believe in mastering creative mistakes and bringing them to the core of the concept. I believe in physical touch, I love to build constructions and combine various media. I love layers to┬ámy work. And I love to travel for it!

Currently, I’m working on my new project: I am creating Destination Inspired Dresses for my trips and photographic illustrations for them. I am creating unique content and work with it cross-over my blog, Instagram (look for #ActionFashionPassion) and Facebook. Feel free to follow me and enjoy this new exciting journey with me :)

xx, Love, Liza