This week’s posts will be about my and Andrew’s trip to Copenhagen. In February (?!), right, I totally agree, we’re nuts. What’s more, the reason for the trip was our wedding. Yep, right, in February. Why? Oh well, let’s say, circumstances :) But I will write more about this on Wednesday and Saturday. Today is a Monday. More precisely, today is the Monday when I start a series of my travel-related posts, whooohoo! To keep things a little bit connected, today I’ll talk about Copenhagen travel experience.

Andrew was flying from Edinburgh and I was to come from Berlin. Due to some issues with my bank card, I was struggling to book my airplane ticket. And just out of interest I decided to check out the train options from Berlin to Copenhagen. And voila! The same price, pretty much the same journey time (after adding all those getting to-from the airport, security, waiting for a delayed plane nonsense), plus something different for my travel experience. Oh, and also no luggage restrictions (which allowed me to smuggle quite a few bottles of bubbly from Germany and save some cash in very expensive Denmark). What I also LOVE about the trains is the depart-arrive-to-the-city-centre thing. Anyway, if you’re wondering, there ARE trains from Berlin to Copenhagen (check DB site). The entire journey was about 6 hours (I think). I had to change trains in Hamburg and then all the way to Hagen. I thought so. Somehow the question of how we were going to travel through all that water mass didn’t appear in my head. I thought there would have been a bridge of some form somewhere… something… I don’t know. I had other things on my mind. And at some point, the train WAS going very slowly through a bridge on the water, yes… Quite a long bridge but it definitely was not the ‘bridge to Denmark’. I kind of started checking Google maps and was wondering about the route because there was A LOT of water on the way.

And then the most bizarre thing in my life happened. The train got on a ferry. Yeah right, the train drove from the land to a ferry and then from the ferry to the land.


We were asked to leave the train and get upstairs. The luggage was left inside the train. The experience was so unexpected and weird that I felt natural high from it. Standing outside on the ferry, watching the endless blue water all around, not believing that there was a train on this boat, all this was pretty much surreal! The ticket didn’t mention any of it! What a great surprise, what an awesome adventure! I actually was my very first time on a ferry of this size.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • print your ticket! and also have an email with a purchase confirmation on you. A screenshot of a ticket without an email will NOT work!  (I witnessed a girl trying to show such a screenshot  but the controller lady made her pay [again?] for the ticket because the girl couldn’t find an email)
  • there is border passport control when the train enters Denmark. Make sure you have your passport on you!
  • embrace the journey! :)

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