Have you seen my last post about the book I made for our anniversary? If not, go check it out first! I drew about 20 black and white minimal cartoons about our distance relationship with Andy and then I screen-printed them to make a book. Last week I also announced that there would be something else. During the book printing process, I suddenly came up with another idea.

What else?

Since I had the screens ready anyway, I decided to go further and print more. Screen-printing is very addictive :) Once you start you just want to keep on going. Especially if you have your own work to print. At that time I was in the middle of my sewing marathon and the idea developed quickly: I wanted to make and print the bedding!

I ordered black and white fabrics online. The ivory one turned out to be a little bit greenish but I had no time for exchanging it. Oh well. So I printed the same images on both of the materials: black ones on ivory and white ones on black. And then I sewed the bedding for us: a set of a duvet cover and four pillowcases. Cheesy? You haven’t been in love then, my friend hehe :)

The bedding project was huge and felt like a closure to the tiring distance relationship. Looking at each of the images makes both of us smile and remember every day what a path we’d been through.

Unfortunately, I ordered the materials when I was very new in this current sewing routine and I wanted cheap rather than quality. Apart from the greenish ivory colour, the fabric started washing out quite quickly. Oh well, again :) It did its job for a while and was worth the try.

I also don’t want to make bedding again: what a monotonous boring job! 2x2m duvet over is no fun!

Next steps with the cloth making and screen printing are going to be more complicated. I’m so looking forward to it!

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xx, love, Liza


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    This is so great!!!

    • Liza

      thanks! :)

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