Hello, I’m Liza, welcome to my website:)

I am a professional journalist, photographer, art-director and dreamer. I used to write a travel blog of my own and one as a commission for Conde Nast Traveller Russia, but, I guess, it was not the right time. And at some point, I just stopped. 

I wanted to get back to writing and sharing my experiences many many times, but again: the timing was not right. But it is NOW. I’m back to my favourite thing in the world and my intentions are beyond serious!

Originally from Moscow (being half-Ukrainian), I had lived for almost five years in Berlin and in May 2018 I moved to Edinburgh. I have exceptional skills in breaking the rules and finding creative solutions for the impossible:) I am very much a DOER rather than an overthinker. I wrote more about my story on my BLOG.

Currently, I’m working on my new project: I am making Destination Inspired Outfits for my trips and day to day life. I am creating unique content and work with it cross-over my blog, Instagram and Facebook.

If you are a brand and you are looking for a new visual concept, get in touch now and we will create an outstanding visual story for you!

xx, Love, Liza